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The Different Types and Categories of Visual Arts and How They Are Defined and Classified

Visual Arts

There are various types and categories of visual art. Painting, sculpture, drawing, and architecture are some of the more well-known ones. Each differs in terms of media used to create it – for instance a painting may be done using a paintbrush while a sculptor might use clay or metal tools.


Painterly artworks have been around since prehistoric times, when cavemen painted berries and other natural items to depict their environment. Nowadays, water paints, oil paints and acrylic paints can all be used to craft stunning artworks.


Drawing is an integral component of visual arts, as it enables artists to express themselves and convey their emotions. Additionally, dynamic images can be created that people can relate to. Drawing can be done using many mediums such as charcoal pencils, colored pencils, fine line pens, and ballpoint pens.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is one of the most beloved and challenging types of artwork because it requires artists to think outside the box. Examples include Piet Mondrian’s Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow which uses color effectively in order to draw viewers into the composition.


This art form is immensely popular and can be created using a variety of media. It’s an effective way to tell stories and demonstrate what’s going on around us.

Graphic Design

This art form is becoming increasingly popular and sought-after within the visual arts field, offering people a chance to craft stunning graphics that can be used for anything from advertising to designing logos. Furthermore, this discipline encourages creativity while making use of technology which makes creating easier than ever before.


Photography is one of the most exciting forms of art today, as it allows artists to capture an image and bring it to life in ways never imagined before. Thanks to technological advances, artists now have more tools at their disposal for taking their artwork to new heights with filters and special effects.

Different Types and Categories of Visual Art

In the past, there was not always widespread acceptance for mixing different art forms together. This took time to become established but with today’s digital age and growing consumer demand for more refined products, it seems inevitable that Art is moving in that direction.

Art is defined by aesthetic appeal and encompasses not only visual arts but also performing arts, craftsmen, designers and even film-makers. This diversity provides art with its proper classification as a comprehensive body of works to be appreciated on an aesthetic level.

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