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How to Check the Expiry Date of Your Skincare Products and Avoid Contamination

Expiry dates are an essential indicator of how long your skincare products are safe to use. Most skin care and makeup items have a shelf life of one to two years, though some can last longer.

If you’re using a product that has expired, it should be discarded immediately. Expiration dates contain harmful bacteria which may lead to rashes, acne and other skin issues.

It’s essential to check the expiry dates of skin care and beauty products regularly, particularly if you use them frequently. Not only can this save money on products that are no longer effective but it also guarantees that your skin stays healthy and balanced.

Experts warn that expired cosmetics are more vulnerable to contamination than fresh ones, making them a better option than using brand new items. It has been noted that germs found within cosmetics can multiply within just a few weeks, so it’s always best to wash your hands before applying any cosmetics.

How to Determine If Your Product Has Expired

The easiest way to check if your skincare product has reached its expiration date is by looking for a small symbol resembling an open jar with a number on it. This number indicates how many months the item can remain untouched after opening.

Additionally, be sure to inspect the batch code on cosmetics. These are usually printed on both product packaging and its primary container. Each code is unique for a single batch and will tell you when it was manufactured – thus, its expiration date.

In addition to checking the expiration date, it’s wise to also inspect your product’s ingredients. Make sure it contains no artificial preservatives or dyes since these could lead to a shorter shelf-life for the item.

If your product has an expiration date, keep it in a cool, dark place away from unnecessary light to prevent oxidation and bacterial growth. Additionally, tighten the lids on skincare items after use to avoid air coming into contact with them and damaging them.

How to Store Your Skincare Products

Humidity in your bathroom can be harsh on skincare items, so it’s best to store them separately at home. If you don’t have a dedicated space, be sure to store your skincare in an airtight cabinet or drawer that stays cool and dry.

Storeing skincare products in a bathroom is also not recommended, as the environment can foster bacteria growth. This could deteriorate the active ingredients in your product, rendering it ineffective and leading to irritation or breakouts.

Expiration dates aren’t regulated by the FDA and some may even be added at the manufacturer’s discretion. This means that your product’s expiration date could be more than a few months from when you initially purchased it, leading to confusion.

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