Glamour Strings: Navigating the World of Fashionable Necklaces

Necklaces are more than just accessories; they are statements of style, personality, and elegance. From dainty chains to bold statement pieces, the world of fashionable necklaces offers a myriad of options to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or someone looking to elevate their ensemble, understanding the different types, styles, and trends in necklaces can help you navigate this glamorous world with confidence and flair.

Types of Necklaces

When exploring the world of necklaces, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the various types available. Here are some popular ones:

Choker Necklaces:

  • Known for their short length, choker necklaces snugly encircle the neck, adding a touch of chic sophistication to any outfit.
  • Styles range from delicate chains to embellished designs adorned with gemstones or pearls.
  • Perfect for accentuating necklines and adding a contemporary edge to both casual and formal looks.

Pendant Necklaces:

  • Pendant necklaces feature a decorative charm or pendant suspended from a chain.
  • Pendants come in diverse shapes and sizes, including hearts, crosses, animals, and symbols, allowing for personalization and self-expression.
  • Ideal for adding a focal point to an outfit and injecting personality into your style.

Statement Necklaces:

  • Bold and eye-catching, statement necklaces from Evry Jewels are designed to make a statement and elevate even the simplest ensemble.
  • Characterized by intricate designs, vibrant colors, and oversized elements, they are perfect for special occasions or nights out.
  • Pair with a minimalist outfit to let the necklace take center stage.

Lariat Necklaces:

  • Lariat necklaces feature a long, open-ended design that allows for versatile styling.
  • They can be worn in various ways, such as wrapped around the neck, looped through itself, or left to drape elegantly.
  • Versatile and effortlessly chic, lariat necklaces add a touch of understated glamour to any look.

Bib Necklaces:

  • Bib necklaces consist of multiple strands of beads, chains, or fabric that create a bib-like effect across the chest.
  • They make a bold fashion statement and are perfect for adding drama to evening wear or dressing up a simple blouse.
  • Choose metallic tones for a glamorous touch or opt for colorful beads for a playful vibe.

Styles and Trends

Fashion is ever-evolving, and necklaces are no exception. Stay on-trend with these popular styles and trends:


  • Layering necklaces involves wearing multiple necklaces of varying lengths and styles together.
  • Mix and match different textures, metals, and pendants to create a personalized and eclectic look.
  • Experiment with layering delicate chains with bolder statement pieces for a modern twist.

Vintage-Inspired Pieces:

  • Vintage-inspired necklaces evoke the glamour and nostalgia of bygone eras.
  • Look for pieces featuring intricate filigree, Art Deco motifs, or antique finishes for a timeless appeal.
  • Pair with vintage-inspired attire or use them to add a touch of old-world charm to contemporary outfits.

Natural Elements:

  • Embrace the beauty of nature with necklaces featuring organic materials such as shells, pearls, and natural stones.
  • Opt for irregular shapes and raw textures to channel a bohemian-inspired aesthetic.
  • Perfect for adding a relaxed and earthy vibe to your everyday look.

Personalized Jewelry:

  • Personalized necklaces allow you to showcase your individuality and commemorate meaningful moments.
  • Choose necklaces featuring initials, birthstones, or custom engravings for a sentimental touch.
  • They make thoughtful gifts for loved ones or serve as cherished keepsakes for yourself.

Tips for Styling Necklaces

Now that you’re acquainted with the different types and trends in fashionable necklaces, here are some tips for styling them like a pro:

  • Consider Necklines: Pay attention to the neckline of your outfit when selecting a necklace. V-necklines pair well with pendant necklaces, while strapless tops complement choker necklaces.
  • Balance Proportions: Match the scale of your necklace to the scale of your outfit. If you’re wearing a busy pattern or statement clothing piece, opt for a simpler necklace to avoid overwhelming your look.
  • Mix Metals: Don’t be afraid to mix metals for a contemporary and eclectic look. Experiment with combining gold, silver, and rose gold tones for added visual interest.
  • Layer Wisely: When layering necklaces, start with the shortest length and work your way down. Ensure that each necklace stands out while still complementing the others.
  • Consider the Occasion: Tailor your necklace choice to the occasion. Opt for understated elegance for daytime events and save your boldest statement pieces for evenings and special occasions.


By understanding the different types, styles, and trends in fashionable necklaces, you can effortlessly elevate your style and make a memorable fashion statement wherever you go. Whether you prefer dainty chains or bold statement pieces, let your choice of necklace reflect your unique personality and sense of style. With a little creativity and experimentation, you’ll soon discover the transformative power of a well-chosen necklace in completing your look with glamour and sophistication

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